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Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca

Activity of durvalumab in advanced endometrial cancer (AEC) according to mismatch repair (MMR) status: The phase II PHAEDRA trial (ANZGOG1601).
Yoland Catherine Antill
Honoraria - AstraZeneca
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Amgen; AstraZeneca
Peey Sei Kok
No Relationships to Disclose
Kristy Robledo
No Relationships to Disclose
Elizabeth Barnes
No Relationships to Disclose
Michael Friedlander
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Lilly; MSD; Takeda
Consulting or Advisory Role - Abbvie; AstraZeneca; Lilly; MSD; Takeda
Speakers' Bureau - AstraZeneca
Research Funding - BeiGene (Inst)
Sally E. Baron-Hay
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Novartis; Pfizer
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Novartis
Catherine M. Shannon
Speakers' Bureau - AstraZeneca; Roche
Jermaine Coward
Honoraria - MSD; Takeda
Consulting or Advisory Role - MSD; Takeda
Research Funding - AstraZeneca
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Amgen
Philip James Beale
Honoraria - Roche
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca
Geraldine Goss
No Relationships to Disclose
Tarek Meniawy
Honoraria - AstraZeneca/MedImmune
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca/MedImmune
Research Funding - AstraZeneca/MedImmune (Inst); Bayer (Inst); BeiGene (Inst); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Incyte (Inst); Merck Serono (Inst); Regeneron (Inst); Roche/Genentech (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Roche/Genentech
Sonia Yip
No Relationships to Disclose
Deborah Smith
Honoraria - Merck Sharp & Dome
Patents, Royalties, Other Intellectual Property - Uniquest
Amanda B. Spurdle
No Relationships to Disclose
Michelle Parry
No Relationships to Disclose
John Andrews
No Relationships to Disclose
Marzena Kelly
No Relationships to Disclose
Martin R. Stockler
Research Funding - Amgen (Inst); Astellas Pharma (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Bionomics (Inst); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Celgene (Inst); Medivation (Inst); Merck Sharp & Dohme (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Roche (Inst); Sanofi (Inst); Tilray (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Medivation/Pfizer
Linda R. Mileshkin
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - BeiGene; Roche; Roche