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Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Lilly; Novartis; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology; Roche
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Lilly; Novartis; Orion; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology; Roche
Research Funding - Amgen (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); Roche (Inst); Sanofi (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Novartis; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology

Neratinib + capecitabine versus lapatinib + capecitabine in patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer previously treated with ≥ 2 HER2-directed regimens: Findings from the multinational, randomized, phase III NALA trial.
Cristina Saura
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Celgene; Daiichi Sankyo; Eisai; Genomic Health; Novartis; Pfizer; Pierre Fabre; Puma Biotechnology; Roche; Synthon
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Genentech (Inst); Macrogenics (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); Roche (Inst); Synthon (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Genomic Health; Genomic Health; Novartis; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology; Roche; Roche
Mafalda Oliveira
Honoraria - Roche
Consulting or Advisory Role - GlaxoSmithKline; Puma Biotechnology; Roche/Genentech
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Boehringer Ingelheim (Inst); Cascadian Therapeutics (Inst); Celldex (Inst); GlaxoSmithKline (Inst); Immunomedics (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Philips Healthcare (Inst); Piqur (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); Roche/Genentech (Inst); Sanofi (Inst); Seagen (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - GP Pharm; Grunenthal; Novartis; Pierre Fabre; Roche
Yin-Hsun Feng
No Relationships to Disclose
Ming-Shen Dai
No Relationships to Disclose
Sara A. Hurvitz
Research Funding - Ambryx (Inst); Amgen (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Biomarin (Inst); Boehringer Ingelheim (Inst); Cascadian Therapeutics (Inst); Daiichi Sankyo (Inst); Dignitana (Inst); Genentech/Roche (Inst); GlaxoSmithKline (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Macrogenics (Inst); Medivation (Inst); Merrimack (Inst); Novartis (Inst); OBI Pharma (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); sanofi (Inst); Seagen (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Lilly; Novartis; OBI Pharma
Sung-Bae Kim
Consulting or Advisory Role - Enzychem Lifesciences (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Odonate Therapeutics (Inst)
Research Funding - Dongkook Pharma (Inst); Genzyme (Inst); Novartis (Inst)
Beverly Moy
Honoraria - Medscape; Motus Gi (I)
Research Funding - Puma Biotechnology (Inst)
Suzette Delaloge
No Relationships to Disclose
William John Gradishar
Consulting or Advisory Role - Genentech/Roche
Norikazu Masuda
Leadership - Japan Breast Cancer Research Group
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan; Pfizer; Takeda
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Chugai Pharma (Inst); Daiichi Sankyo (Inst); Eisai (Inst); Kyowa Hakko Kirin (Inst); Lilly (Inst); MSD (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst)
Marketa Palacova
Honoraria - Pfizer
Maureen E. Trudeau
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - RNA Diagnostics
Consulting or Advisory Role - RNA Diagnostics
Research Funding - Astellas Pharma (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); Eisai (Inst); Genomic Health (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Roche Canada (Inst)
Johanna Mattson
Honoraria - Amgen; Pfizer; Takeda
Consulting or Advisory Role - Orion; Pfizer; Roche
Expert Testimony - Pfizer
Yoon Sim Yap
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Lilly; Novartis; Pfizer
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Lilly; Novartis; Pfizer
Research Funding - Novartis
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Eisai; Pfizer
Richard Bryce
Employment - Puma Biotechnology
Leadership - Puma Biotechnology
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Puma Biotechnology
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Puma Biotechnology
Bin Yao
Employment - Puma Biotechnology
Judith D. Bebchuk
Employment - Puma Biotechnology
Kiana Keyvanjah
Employment - Puma Biotechnology
Adam Brufsky
Consulting or Advisory Role - Agendia; Bayer; Bioarray Therapeutics; bioTheranostics; Celgene; Eisai; Genentech/Roche; Genomic Health; Lilly; Merck; Myriad Pharmaceuticals; NanoString Technologies; Novartis; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology