The following represents disclosure information provided by authors of this abstract. The program committee has reviewed all presenting author disclosure reports, identified potential conflicts of interest, and implemented strategies to manage those areas of conflict, where appropriate. All relationships are considered compensated. Relationships are self-held unless otherwise noted. I = Immediate Family Member, Inst = My Institution
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Research Funding - Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Incyte (Inst)

Identification of targetable molecular alterations in the NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH trial.
Donald Williams Parsons
Patents, Royalties, Other Intellectual Property - Co-inventor on current and pending patents related to cancer genes discovered through sequencing of several adult cancer types. Participates in royalty sharing related to those patents.
Katherine A. Janeway
Patents, Royalties, Other Intellectual Property - Amgen (Inst); Pfizer (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Bayer
David Patton
No Relationships to Disclose
Brent Coffey
No Relationships to Disclose
Paul M. Williams
Research Funding - Illumina (Inst)
Patents, Royalties, Other Intellectual Property - I was a co-inventor of the DLBCL cell of origin patent recently filed by the NIH
Stanley R. Hamilton
Consulting or Advisory Role - Bristol-Myers Squibb; Guardant Health; HalioDx; Loxo; Merck; Thermo Fisher Scientific
Anjan Purkayastha
No Relationships to Disclose
Gregory J. Tsongalis
Honoraria - AccuGenomics; ChromaCode; Seracare; Theranos
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Seracare
Research Funding - Agena Bioscience; Archer; Biocartis; Illumina; Pillar Biosciences; QuantuMDx
Mark Routbort
No Relationships to Disclose
Julie M Gastier-Foster
No Relationships to Disclose
Lauren Saguilig
No Relationships to Disclose
Jin Piao
No Relationships to Disclose
Todd Allen Alonzo
No Relationships to Disclose
Stacey L. Berg
Research Funding - Other (Inst)
Elizabeth Fox
Research Funding - Ignyta (Inst); Novartis (Inst)
Other Relationship - Helsinn Therapeutics
Peter C. Adamson
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Allergan; Amneal Pharmaceuticals; Gilead Sciences; Medtronic; Merck
Consulting or Advisory Role - Adaptive Biotechnologies
Research Funding - Amgen (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Celator (Inst); Celgene (Inst); Eisai (Inst); Genentech/Roche (Inst); Incyte (Inst); Jazz Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Jubilant Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Merck (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Sanofi/Aventis (Inst); Seattle Genetics (Inst); United Therapeutics (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Arog; AstraZeneca/MedImmune; Bayer; Celgene; Celgene; Daiichi Sankyo; Eisai; Genentech/Roche; Janssen Research & Development; Nektar; United Therapeutics
Margaret M. Mooney
No Relationships to Disclose
Naoko Takebe
No Relationships to Disclose
James V. Tricoli
No Relationships to Disclose
Nita Seibel
No Relationships to Disclose