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Trastuzumab deruxtecan (T-DXd) in patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer with brain metastases: A subgroup analysis of the DESTINY-Breast01 trial.
Guy Heinrich Maria Jerusalem
Honoraria - Abbvie; Amgen; AstraZeneca; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Daiichy Sankyo; Lilly; Novartis; Pfizer; Roche
Consulting or Advisory Role - Abbvie; Amgen; AstraZeneca; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Daiichi Sankyo; Lilly; Novartis; Pfizer; Roche
Research Funding - Novartis; Pfizer; Roche
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Amgen; AstraZeneca; BMS; Lilly; Medimmune; Merck; Novartis; Pfizer; Roche
Yeon Hee Park
Honoraria - Merck; Novartis; Pfizer
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Daiichi-Sankyo; Eisai; Pfizer; Roche
Research Funding - AstraZeneca; Merck; Novartis; Pfizer
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Merck; Novartis
Toshinari Yamashita
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Chugai Pharma; Daiichi Sankyo; Eisai; Kyowa Hakko Kirin; Lilly; Nippon Kayaku; Novartis; Pfizer; Taiho Pharmaceutical
Research Funding - Chugai Pharma (Inst); Kyowa Hakko Kirin (Inst); Nihonkayaku (Inst); Taiho Pharmaceutical (Inst)
Sara A. Hurvitz
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Ideal Implant (I); ROM Tech (I)
Research Funding - Ambryx (Inst); Amgen (Inst); Arvinas (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Biomarin (Inst); Cascadian Therapeutics (Inst); Daiichi Sankyo (Inst); Dignitana (Inst); Genentech/Roche (Inst); Gilead Sciences (Inst); GlaxoSmithKline (Inst); Immunomedics (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Macrogenics (Inst); Merrimack (Inst); Novartis (Inst); OBI Pharma (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Phoenix Molecular Designs (Inst); Pieris Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); Radius Health (Inst); sanofi (Inst); Seattle Genetics (Inst); Zymeworks (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Lilly
Other Relationship - Pfizer; Roche
Shanu Modi
Honoraria - Novartis
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Daiichi Sankyo; Macrogenics
Speakers' Bureau - AstraZeneca; Daiichi Sankyo; Genentech; Seattle Genetics
Research Funding - Daiichi Sankyo; Novartis; Roche/Genentech; Seattle Genetics; Synta
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Daiichi Sankyo; Genentech
Fabrice Andre
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Pegacsy
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Daiichi (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Roche (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; GlaxoSmithKline; Novartis; Roche
Ian E. Krop
Employment - AMAG Pharmaceuticals (I); Freeline Therapeutics (I)
Leadership - AMAG Pharmaceuticals (I); Freeline Therapeutics (I)
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - AMAG Pharmaceuticals (I); Freeline Therapeutics (I); vertex (I)
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Celltrion; Genentech/Roche
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Context Therapeutics; Daiichi Sankyo; Genentech/Roche; Ionis Pharmaceuticals; Macrogenics; Merck; Novartis; Seattle Genetics; Taiho Pharmaceutical
Research Funding - Genentech (Inst); Pfizer (Inst)
Xavier Gonzalez
Expert Testimony - Pierre Fabre
Peter S. Hall
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Daiichi-Sanchyo (Inst); Eisai (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Roche (Inst)
Benoit You
Consulting or Advisory Role - Amgen; AstraZeneca; Bayer; Clovis Oncology; Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH; ECS PROGASTRIN; GlaxoSmithKline; Immunomedics; LEK; Novartis; Roche/Genentech; TESARO
Research Funding - Clovis Oncology (Inst); Merck Serono (Inst); Roche/Genentech (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Bayer; BMS; MSD Oncology; Roche/Genentech
Cristina Saura
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Daiichi Sankyo; Eisai; Exact Sciences; Exeter Pharmaceuticals; MediTech; Merck Sharp & Dohme; Novartis; Pfizer; Pfizer; Philips; Philips; Pierre Fabre; Puma Biotechnology; Roche; Roche; Sanofi/Aventis; SeaGen; Zymeworks
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Genentech (Inst); Macrogenics (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Piqur (Inst); Puma Biotechnology (Inst); Roche (Inst); Synthon (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Genomic Health; Novartis; Pfizer; Puma Biotechnology; Roche
Sung-Bae Kim
Honoraria - DAEHWA Pharmaceutical; ISU ABXIS
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; DAEHWA Pharmaceutical; ISU Abxis; Lilly (Inst)
Research Funding - Dongkook Pharma (Inst); Genzyme (Inst); Novartis (Inst)
Cynthia R. C. Osborne
Honoraria - Agendia; Breast Cancer Index; Guardant Health; Immunomedics; Seattle Genetics
Speakers' Bureau - Lilly; Novartis
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Lilly; Novartis
Yasuaki Sagara
Speakers' Bureau - AstraZeneca; Celltrion; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Novartis; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Takeda
Research Funding - Gencurix (Inst)
Eriko Tokunaga
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Chugai Pharma; Lilly
Yali Liu
Employment - Bristol-Myers Squibb; Daiichi Sankyo
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Bristol-Myers Squibb; Daiichi Sankyo
Jillian Cathcart
Employment - Daiichi Sankyo
Caleb C. Lee
Employment - Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.
Christophe Perrin
Honoraria - Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer
Consulting or Advisory Role - Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer