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REPLACEMENT trial in progress: Combination therapy with atezolizumab plus bevacizumab for TACE unsuitable patients with beyond up-to-seven criteria in intermediate stage hepatocellular carcinoma: A phase II study.
Kazuomi Ueshima
Honoraria - Bayer; Chugai Pharma; EA Pharma; Eisai; Kowa; Lilly Japan; MSD; Sumitomo Group; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Takeda
Consulting or Advisory Role - Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan; Pfizer; Takeda; Takeda
Masatoshi Kudo
Honoraria - Bayer; Bristol-Myers Squibb Japan; EA Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan; MSD
Consulting or Advisory Role - Bristol-Myers Squibb; Eisai; MSD; Ono Pharmaceutical; Roche
Research Funding - Abbvie (Inst); EA Pharma (Inst); Eisai (Inst); Gilead Sciences (Inst); Ono Pharmaceutical; Otsuka (Inst); Sumitomo Dainippon (Inst); Taiho Pharmaceutical (Inst); Takeda (Inst)
Takeharu Yamanaka
Honoraria - Bayer; Chugai Pharma; Takeda
Research Funding - Bayer (Inst); Chugai/Roche (Inst); Taiho Pharmaceutical (Inst); Takeda (Inst)
Hiroshi Aikata
Honoraria - Eisai
Tatsuya Yamashita
Speakers' Bureau - Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly
Masafumi Ikeda
Honoraria - Astellas Pharma; AstraZeneca; Bayer Yakuhin; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Chugai Pharma; Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma; EA Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan; MSD; Mylan; Novartis; Otsuka; SERVIER; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Takeda; Teijin Pharma; Yakult Pharmaceutical
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Bayer Yakuhin; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; EMD Serono; GlaxoSmithKline; Lilly Japan; Micron; Novartis; Ono Pharmaceutical; SERVIER; Takeda
Research Funding - ASLAN Pharmaceuticals (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); Bayer Yakuhin (Inst); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Chiome Bioscience (Inst); Chugai Pharma (Inst); Delta-Fly Pharma (Inst); Eisai (Inst); J-Pharma (Inst); Lilly Japan (Inst); Merck (Inst); Merus NV (Inst); MSD (Inst); Nobelpharma (Inst); Novartis (Inst); Ono Pharmaceutical (Inst); Pfizer (Inst); Takeda (Inst); Yakult Pharmaceutical (Inst)
Ryosuke Tateishi
Honoraria - Abbvie; Bayer Yakuhin; Daiichi Sankyo; Eisai; Fujifilm; GE Healthcare; Gilead Sciences; Merck Sharp & Dohme; Otsuka; Shionogi; Sumitomo Dainippon; Taisho Toyama Pharma
Consulting or Advisory Role - Bayer Yakuhin; Shionogi
Michihisa Moriguchi
Consulting or Advisory Role - Bayer Yakuhin; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan
Speakers' Bureau - Bayer Yakuhin; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly Japan
Research Funding - Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Eisai (Inst); MSD K.K (Inst)
Atsushi Hiraoka
Speakers' Bureau - Bayer; Eisai
Kaoru Tsuchiya
Speakers' Bureau - Bayer; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly
Sadahisa Ogasawara
Honoraria - Bayer; Eisai; Lilly; Merck
Consulting or Advisory Role - AstraZeneca; Bayer; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly; Merck
Research Funding - Bayer; Eisai; Lilly
Satoshi Mochida
Honoraria - Abbvie; ASKA Pharmaceutical; Gilead Sciences; MSD K.K; Otsuka; Sumitomo Group
Research Funding - Abbvie; ASKA Pharmaceutical; Chugai Pharma; CMIC; Daiichi Sankyo; EA Pharma; Eisai; Gilead Sciences; Janssen; Kowa; Mic medical; Mochida Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.; Sumitomo Group; Toray Industries
Shiro Miyayama
No Relationships to Disclose
Kiyoshi Hasegawa
Honoraria - Bayer Yakuhin; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Takeda
Research Funding - Fujifilm (Inst); Nipro Corporation (Inst); Shimadzu (Inst)
Kenichi Yoshimura
Honoraria - AstraZeneca; Boehringer Ingelheim; Chugai Pharma; Eisai; Lilly; Nihonkayaku; Novartis; Otsuka; Taiho Pharmaceutical; Takeda
Consulting or Advisory Role - BrightPath Biotheraputics; Nippon Shinyaku
Tetsuo Takehara
No Relationships to Disclose