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Open Payments is a public database containing information reported by companies about payments made to US-licensed physicians (Open Payments)
Phase I study of 225Ac-J591 for men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).
Scott T. Tagawa
Consulting or Advisory Role - 4D Pharma; Abbvie; AIkido Pharma; Amgen; Astellas Pharma; Bayer; Blue Earth Diagnostics; Clovis Oncology; Dendreon; Endocyte; Genentech; Genomic Health; Immunomedics; Janssen; Karyopharm Therapeutics; Medivation; Novartis; Pfizer; POINT Biopharma; QED Therapeutics; Sanofi; Seattle Genetics; Tolmar
Research Funding - Abbvie (Inst); Amgen (Inst); Astellas Pharma (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); AVEO (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Boehringer Ingelheim (Inst); Bristol-Myers Squibb (Inst); Clovis Oncology (Inst); Dendreon (Inst); Endocyte (Inst); Exelixis (Inst); Genentech (Inst); Immunomedics (Inst); Inovio Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Janssen (Inst); Karyopharm Therapeutics (Inst); Lilly (Inst); Medivation (Inst); Merck (Inst); Millennium (Inst); Newlink Genetics (Inst); Novartis (Inst); POINT Biopharma (Inst); Progenics (Inst); Rexahn Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Sanofi (Inst); Stem CentRx (Inst)
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Amgen; Immunomedics; Sanofi
(OPTIONAL) Uncompensated Relationships - ATLAB Pharma; Phosplatin Therapeutics; Telix Pharmaceuticals
Michael Sun
No Relationships to Disclose
A. Oliver Sartor
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Abbvie; Cardinal Health; Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Clovis Oncology; GlaxoSmithKline; Lilly; Noria Therapeutics; PSMA Therapeutics; United Health Group
Consulting or Advisory Role - Advanced Accelerator Applications; Astellas Pharma; AstraZeneca; Bavarian Nordic; Bayer; Blue Earth Diagnostics; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Clarity Pharmaceuticals; Clovis Oncology; Constellation Pharmaceuticals; Dendreon; EMD Serono; Fusion Pharmaceuticals; Isotopen Technologien; Janssen; Myovant Sciences; Myriad Genetics; Noria Therapeutics; Novartis; Noxopharm; Pfizer; Point Biopharma; Progenics; Sanofi; Telix Pharmaceuticals; TeneoBio; Theragnostics
Research Funding - Advanced Accelerator Applications (Inst); AstraZeneca (Inst); Bayer (Inst); Constellation Pharmaceuticals (Inst); Dendreon (Inst); Endocyte (Inst); InVitae (Inst); Janssen; Merck (Inst); Progenics; Sanofi (Inst); SOTIO
Expert Testimony - Sanofi
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - AstraZeneca; Bayer; Johnson & Johnson; Progenics; Sanofi
Charlene Thomas
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Inovio Pharmaceuticals; Nektar; Pfizer
Sharon Singh
No Relationships to Disclose
Mahelia Bissassar
No Relationships to Disclose
Escarleth Fernandez
No Relationships to Disclose
Muhammad Junaid Niaz
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - Actinium Pharmaceuticals; Axovant Sciences
Travel, Accommodations, Expenses - Endocyte
Benedict Ho
No Relationships to Disclose
Shankar Vallabhajosula
Employment - NCM-USA
Leadership - NCM-USA
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - NCM-USA
John Babich
No Relationships to Disclose
Ana M. Molina
Honoraria - ASCO
Consulting or Advisory Role - EISAI; EISAi; EISAI; Exelixis; Janssen
Cora N. Sternberg
Consulting or Advisory Role - Astellas Pharma; AstraZeneca; Bayer; Foundation Medicine; Genzyme; Immunomedics; Incyte; Medscape; Merck; MSD; Pfizer; Roche; UroToday
David M. Nanus
Consulting or Advisory Role - Roche/Genentech
Research Funding - AstraZeneca (Inst); Boehringer Ingelheim (Inst); Clovis Oncology (Inst); Immumedics (Inst); Janssen (Inst); Novartis (Inst); pfizer (Inst); Zenith Epigenetics (Inst)
Joseph Osborne
No Relationships to Disclose
Neil Harrison Bander
Stock and Other Ownership Interests - BZL Biologics; Telix Pharmaceuticals
Consulting or Advisory Role - ADC Therapeutics; BZL Biologics; Telix Pharmaceuticals